CURE’s mission is to pursue diversity and inclusion within the commercial real estate, land use
and development industries, while empowering emerging real estate professionals.

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The Council of Urban Real Estate was formed for the purpose of advancing Minority
Professionals and businesses in the real estate industry, advancing real estate development inthe urban communities and developing the awareness of minorities of real estate related
subject matters in the metropolitan New York City area. In furtherance of these charitable and
educational purposes, our vision is to continue to:

Plan and implement programs for the dissemination of information on real estate and
community development related subject matters to the minority community at large;

Provide technical assistance to community organizations and other entities and individuals in the development of diverse communities;

Encourage and assist minority youth in secondary schools and institutions of higher education in the pursuit of real estate related professionals, businesses, and education;

Encourage the development of economically viable minority real estate related businesses;

Establish and maintain an effective information and communication network pertaining to community development which services the urban community.


The Council of Urban Real Estate (CURE) is a not-for- profit organization championing the growth of diversity in the real estate profession since 1990. Located in the heart of New York City, CURE is home to the brightest and most diverse real estate professionals in the industry.




420 Lexington Avenue

Suite #300
New York, NY 10170



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